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- The Rental Application
- Credit Checks/Tenant Screening
- Application Screening Fee
- Holding Deposit
- Unlawful Discrimination
- Before you agree to rent�
- What the rental/lease agreement should have
- Basic rules governing security deposits
- Rent control
- Security deposit increase
- Rent increases
- When can a landlord enter a unit
- Deal with problems
- Resolving problems out of court
- Refunds of security deposits
-Cost Saving maintenance procedures
-How to enter a rental unit
-Maintenance procedures
-Emergency operating procedures
-Emergency on-call schedule
-Work orders for emergency work
-Planning & Scheduling
-Maintenance log notebook
-Water heaters
-Forced air heaters & Wall mounted A/C
-Maintenance records
-Equipment/Appliance Service records
-Maintenance Request & work orders
-Property inspections
-Prepartaion of vacant rental
-Pest control
-Pool and Spa
-Independent Contractors & Outside vendors
-10 Tips for hiring a contractor
-10 Reasons for extra cost with your construction project
-10 Questions to ask references
-10 Questions to ask when interviewing a contractor
-10 Tips for preventing a dispute with your contractor
-10 Warning signs you must be aware of before you sign a contract
-10 Things that every construction contract should include
-10 Tips to find a contractor
-Check contractor license status here (all 50 states)

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We are a complete landlord resource center for landlords, property managers and real estate investors. We have two goals, to help you make more money in real state and make your job easier. We are dedicated to provide you with all the tools necessary for you to succeed as a Landlord.

The Landlord 411 Story – From our beginning in 1969 to today.

In 1969 we began to put our own real estate deals together by both purchasing existing single-family-residences and also building groups of 5 to 10 single-family-residences, all for rental.

We quickly discovered that the key to successful real estate investments was management. On taking over the management ourselves, we quickly learned that we could out perform the alleged “professionals”.

As we began to sell the rental properties, some of the buyers asked us to continue to manage their newly acquired properties. In addition our own clients began to ask us to manage their other properties.

Our reputation as an effective management company began to make the rounds in our local real estate market. In 1972 we started to help other landlords with their properties that were experiencing problems. It did not take us long to turn these properties-with-problems around.

We were one of the first companies who adapted the computer to property management. Bu taking advantage of the computer technology, we were convinced that we could improve the overall performance of our rental properties. Biting the bullet and with no real computer experience, we hired our first full time programmer in 1973. Of course this dramatic step was taken only after an exhaustive investigations of the available current landlord, computer programs were analysed.

We realized that we would have to write our own programs from scratch. Our first computer was the size of a large refrigerator and cost over $40,000. (At the time, we were cash poor, so we traded one of our 4-plexes for the computer. It turned out to be a bargain for both parties.)

Over the next 30 years we continued to create programs, training guides, manuals, landlord management forms, tutorials, unique rentals programs and tools, and gained a incredible amount of knowledge and experience. We managed properties from one unit (single-family residences) to over 400 units. Not only did we manage our own properties, but managed properties for individual owners, banks, Savings and Loans, New York Stock Exchange companies, pension funds, state and federal agencies. The properties ranged in size from single-family residences to over 400 units and were located throughout the country. We had a staff of over 200 employees, managed over 5,000 units and, in addition.

We recognized that experience is one of the most expensive commodities in the business world. We learn by our mistakes. In real estate, most mistakes are very expensive.

To permit others to benefit by our experience, we began--in 1997--to pull our diverse mines of information and programs together. Such proven knowledge and expertise could allow others to take advantage of the vast experience we had acquired over the past 30 years. This took us about 2 years to accomplish this feat. Once completed, we launched our website in 1999.

Today (2005)

Landlord 411 has over 1000 pages dedicated to making your job easier and that number is growing everyday. Click here to watch our Guided Tour

Here are Landlord411 we are dedicated to making your job easier, through training, tools, landlord forms, tenant screening and much more. We offer over 1000 landlord forms (click here to view list of all forms), credit reports that only takes 5 seconds to receive and are the easiest reports to read in the industry (click here to see a sample credit report) for only $3.95 (click here to see a complete product and pricelist), we have training guides, tutorials (our most popular tutorial is on Evictions), information on what you should be spending on your rehab project, and Landlord Attorney Database of over 800 attorneys, post rentals for FREE , Landlord chat rooms (learn and share experiences with 1000’s of other landlords).

Tenants owe you money, No Problem, at you can report bad tenants directly to the all 3 credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion).

Every Landlord needs to familiar with your States Landlord Tenant Law, we have access to all 50 states online for your easy reading. Are you getting ready to hire a contractor, do you know if he has a contractors license, do you know if its in good standing. We have online access to almost all 50 states contracting license board.

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-Basics of 1031 Exchanges
-What is a 1031 Delayed Exchange?
-Other money making strategies with 1031's
- Computing the "Real Gain" on a 1031 exchange
- 1033 -What's a 1033?
-Exchange Real Estate for Oil/Gas
-Over 800 Eviction Attorneys listed in our Attorney Directory
-Deadlines for returning Security Deposit
-Lead Based Paint Regulations by state
-Tenants Rights to Notice Given before Entry
-Lease Termination Notice
-HUD/Section 8 Housing
-Fair Credit Reporting Act
-State Laws prohibiting Landlord Retaliation
-Landlord Problems & Issues
-Landlord Tenant Law Forum
-Legal Forum
-Tenant Screening Forum
-Marketing Forum
-Forms & Agreement Forum
-Financing & Mortgage Forum
-Real Estate Investing Forum
-Deadbeat & Skip Forum
-Housing Program Forum
...I am a new landlord and this was the perfect site for me to join. My friend who only has 2 rental units referred me to LandlordOnline. The ease of use was the selling point for me.
Rod B. - Oklahoma City, OK

...I had never done a 1031 exchange before but LandlordOnline gave me more than enough information to convince me this was great investment strategy for me.
Sheila B. - Tampa, FL

...The site has been very useful but I find the article of the week to be most informative. I like being kept up to date on issues.
John M. - Atlanta, GA

...They have a chat room so if there is something you need to know, that you can't find, someone is always there to help. This site is a really great resource.
Paul W. - Pasadena, CA

...I loved the customer service when I called. I made a mistake with my credit card and the rep was attentive and very helpful. Everything was top notch!
Shannon R. - Upper Darby, PA

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